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Bob Starr

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The following testimonials were written by just some of my happy sellers and buyers. They have all been kind enough to give me permission to show you their correspondence. Their letters and words are very gratifying. It seems that my down-to-earth and honest approach has earned me many friends - I think that's fantastic!


Message from Bob...


There are many things I can say about the high quality of service I provide to my home seller and home buyer clients, but probably none would be as credible as testimonials from some of my recent clients themselves. Please take a moment to read the following testimonials. I hope they indicate my experience and integrity, as well as make it clear how much I enjoy helping people with their real estate needs.

What My Clients Have to Say...


1.  For us, moving is always a difficult experience. Words fail to do full justice, to the time and effort Bob Starr put into finding the right buyer for our home. We expected to experience a long for sale period because our house was unusual for the area, so we were not surprised. But what did amaze was how he managed to juggle all the difficulties with such aplomb while keeping us fully up-to-date saving us from being overwhelmed. While we were out of the country, he handled the sale with great success for us. For this we are truly grateful!   Anne and John Henderson

2.  Bob Starr helped us sell our property and achieve our ultimate goal for retirement" Bob was always very courteous and respectful of our privacy giving us good notice of showings. He has been in the business many, many, years and he has stood the test of time in the real estate world in good markets and bad. Bob is realistic regarding market values. Pricing the house right the first time is most important. We were given all the tools and information you need to sell your house, also a package after the sale of effective tips and things to attend to. I would highly recommend Bob to anyone wishing to sell their house. Fred & Julie Jackson


3.  I want to take this opportunity before things get too hectic to thank Bob for all his help. He has assisted me through 2 moves, one of them at a very sensitive time in my life, with professionalism and integrity and thoughtfulness. We are now immersed in the third move. This time it’s an international move. I appreciate his help in getting the best price and in meeting the time frames set out by the seller in my new home. He has also gone out of his way to facilitate financial arrangements in another country, saving me thousands of dollars in the exchange rate. I wouldn’t have even considered any other realtor for this move. It’s always my pleasure to tell anyone of his work and to recommend him. Valerie MacGillivary


4.  I want to Thank Bob, for his patience and understanding as he helped guide us through selling our home of fifteen years and finding our new “never- leave” home. He has been always accommodating and clearly knowledgeable and confident in market trends, his personal attention to detail and our desires was greatly appreciated. Our journey with him helped us better identify our “must haves” and enlightened us to a changing market. As educators, Doug and I appreciate his dedication, depth of knowledge and professionalism to the task at hand. We have, with his support, made an excellent investment in our future. He has, “made it a great day” for us. Thanks, Bob – Doug and I would not hesitate to refer your services to our friends and colleagues. Randi and Doug Falls

5.  Selling our condo was a pleasant experience and relatively stress-free with the professional skills and genuine warmth of Bob Starr. His understanding of the Victoria- area market is thorough, his availability to clients and preparation is outstanding. Bob made sure we understood the market, the details of the offers and conditions, and walked us through every step of the process. We believe that with Bob's work, our condo attracted serious viewings and we had a good offer in a short time frame. Throughout our real estate transactions with Bob as our agent, we were treated as valued clients, whose needs were understood and respected. We can't recommend him too highly. Dr. Stephen and Melanie Reid


6. Bob Starr recently assisted us in the purchase of our new home and the selling of our condo. It could have been a stressful time as our condo sold quickly and we were homeless for a few weeks, but Bob was always there providing us with his professional support and guidance and even on moving day he was offering assistance. Bob Starr was our real estate agent over 10 years ago and again recently, each time he has provided us with the highest quality of service. If you are looking for the best professional real estate agent in Victoria we highly recommend you call Bob Starr.  Rob and Barb Harris

7. Bob Starr has worked with us over many years and we have really appreciated many qualities, I’m sure you will also find in him: he is very knowledgeable, sensitive and not at all pushy. He is without a doubt the best realtor we have experienced. We first hired him six years ago and again this year. He first sat down with us and determined our criteria for a new home. We then received daily or weekly emails of listed properties. From time to time we would tweak those criteria. If we liked a property, we would first do a drive by, and if pleased with the general location, Bob would show it. While showing a property Bob asked us useful and clarifying questions, and was good at pointing out both desirable and not so desirable aspects. He knows the Victoria market and the materials used to build a home and can therefore point out possible problems. ie leaky condos. He is very patient and never pushed a sale, but rather, determined from us whether a particular property met our criteria and lifestyle. Once we decided, Bob's Buyer’s workbook was extremely valuable in clearly outlining all the transactions required, and the order in which they needed to take place. On top of all that, Bob is pleasant to be with. We have already, and continue to recommend Bob Starr.  Jesse and Steve Soule


8. We are thoroughly enjoying our new house!! We are probably 98% settled in!! LOVE IT!! We highly recommend Bob Starr as a realtor. He guided us through our search for a house over a 3 year period and was very courteous, professional and patient. With Bob’s knowledge and advice we prepared our house for sale and it was sold within 24 hours with multiple offers! Bob always worked with what we wanted, whatever house we wanted to see or offer we were prepared to make, he was working for us. Bob never tried to sell us a house, he helped us find a home. Bob Starr made a somewhat daunting experience of buying and selling real estate a simple and straight forward process. Thank you for everything, Bob!! Keith, Lynda, Olivia and Rebecca Psaila

9. We have bought and sold five different properties-houses and apartments, and our experience with Bob Starr was by far the most pleasant and, I think, the least stressful. He is a superb agent and a warm, caring person. Our business with him was a pleasure, and I know he goes out of his way to help people achieve their needs. When we listed our investment property in Victoria, he was available around the clock, and helped with preparation, advice, and beyond that, moving. He makes sure his clients understand what they are doing, and takes the time to understand what their concerns are. I know with our daughter going to UVIC he helped us immeasurably finding her a safe and good place to live, and freed both her and us of many parenting fears, as we are located in North Vancouver. The location was, as he said, perfect for students, and the condo held its value and more in a tough market. We will continue to recommend him to our friends and family interested in the Victoria area. Dr. Stephen and Melanie Reid

10. Bob Starr helped me find an incredible 2 bed condo many years ago that held its value in a down market and allowed me to gain a lot of money on the resale of it recently. He always told me to buy as an investment looking towards its future resale value. He has taken the stress out of buying and selling. Bob gave me great suggestions for quick inexpensive upgrades that made my condo more marketable and valuable. We got rid of the dated brass fixtures; changed the light fixtures, the door knobs, and the cabinet pulls to brushed silver, did a thorough cleaning of everything and it made all the difference in the world. Gaining me top dollar in record time. I would highly recommend you hire Bob Starr to work for you! Aaron Close

11. Bob has a solid history in providing outstanding quality of service and a reputation of putting his client needs first. Bob’s exceptional service and his personal commitment in finding our home went beyond our expectations of a real estate agent. It was truly a pleasure working with Bob Star and I would not hesitate in recommending his services. Shawn Ledinski and Carla Viberg-Ledinski







12. In today's ever changing, fast paced housing market it is reassuring to have a realtor who will take you through the selling and buying process in a highly professional manner. Our realtor is Bob Starr, who recently sold our home within a week, and with 3 offers at $40,000 more than a similar house recently sold down the street. Bob took care of every detail using every available new technology, providing us with up to the minute information which made the whole experience easy and stress free.


We have used Bob many times in the past and each time he is always the professional and always willing to go above and beyond for his clients. Bob Starr is one of Victoria's high performance realtors who always delivers!  Rob and Barb Harris


13. Bob Star’s service to us was priceless. We found him to be an attentive, reliable and patient realtor. Upon our request he showed us house after house until we were perfectly happy with our choice. Since this was our first time buying a house we needed extra guidance and assistance and he was always happy to be there to help. He worked with us to figure out what was truly important to us in our new home. When our family grows and we sell our current house we will defiantly be looking to Bob Star again for the purchase of our second home.  Dave and Amber-Lee Bennett


14. Bob Starr showed us a level of professionalism and friendliness not often seen in the home buying arena today. Thank you for positioning us well in the market to sell our condo with the virtual tour, floor plans and wonderful color photos. This combined with your energy for sales and overcoming sales hurdles of a slow market added up to successfully selling our condo in less than two weeks. Bob truly worked with us to make sure we found the right home at the right price; there was no pressure to just buy a home. With Bob’s help and guidance, our home search and price negotiations went extremely well. He is very knowledgeable about the market and Victoria home construction, and was always well prepared. Our home buying experience was superb, primarily because of the patient, skilled and energetic approach Bob brought to the effort each day. We have recommended Bob’s services to others and will continue to do so in the future. Michael & Karen Ward


15. I have recommended Bob Starr to my friends because he is smart, honest, and trustworthy. He is a hardworking Realtor who does his job with integrity. He is knowledgeable and what little he doesn’t know he will research for you. As a negotiator he is always 100% on side with you and rather than just trying to make a sale, he is looking out for the best fit for you. Add to that a very pleasant and kind disposition, a good sense of humour and a no pressure attitude, he is a gem. Dr. Anna Wang



16. I wanted to write to personally thank you for the efforts you put in towards selling our condo in Victoria. The sale proved to be very difficult mainly because it was located in the same block as a homeless shelter. Many prospective buyers were put off by this fact. We also had another sale fall through at the last minute because the buyer perceived issues with the parking stall. Through all this Bob remained steadfast and focused on the ultimate goal—to sell the condo for the best possible price. He advised us not to panic and stick to our asking price rather than reduce it to a “fire sale”. In the end we did sell for close to the asking price, mostly due to his tireless efforts. I recommend Bob very highly to anyone else selling property in Victoria. Roger Woodhead



17. A word of Thanks to Bob. While he was advising me on the Victoria real estate market I experienced the most evident of organizational and people skills one can only envy, and I’m thinking this guy should be teaching! I can understand the accolades, I’m writing one myself. Thank you most sincerely for your time and expertise. Watson Anderson



18. I’ve known Bob for 12 years. During that time he has been my Realtor and has overseen the sale of two houses and the purchase of two houses. During the stressful time of buying or selling, Bob is always there, to help everything go smoothly by offering alternatives. His ideas and thoughts are always welcome. When negotiating, he was able to get the prices we were happy with. His positive attitude and youthful enthusiasm, along with his superior communication and negotiation skills, in my opinion make him an excellent Realtor. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a house. Ian Grant




19. We enjoyed working with you. I had been quite reluctant to work with a realtor after a previous not so pleasant experience. The girls and I had gone to quite a few “opens”, and when we decided to work with a realtor again, we would discuss impressions not only of the house we had seen, but the realtor selling it. This is how we made our selection. Trust was a big issue, and we found you to be honest and trustworthy. We felt you knew the market, gave us good advice, were able to make recommendations for services we would need after the purchase, and “went above and beyond the call of duty.” Real estate for us is always an emotional trauma. We appreciated the respect and patience you demonstrated. If you sensed something was troubling us with the sale, you explored the issues and clarified our concerns. We have no difficulty recommending you and have shared our impressions with others. We would be happy to be contacted if someone wanted a verbal recommendation. We look forward to doing business with you again, Nansi, Amber and Alisha


20. Bob Starr has been great!! I interviewed several local realtors, and chose Bob, based on his listening skills and he demonstrated the ability to present my property to its best advantage. He did not attempt to simply lump my home into a “comparable” price range when helping me to prepare the property for sale. Rather, he was willing to work with my “bottom line” in discussing value and fees. Bob was my able advisor when I sold my duplex, and went on to work with me for a further year (Yes, a year, Talk about patient!), to locate another home. This closing was somewhat complex, and time consuming. Bob was very able, and considerate of the requirements of all concerned, often taking extra time to make special arrangements to help me have a better experience. Bob’s ability to truly listen, to stay focused over time, to remain diligent, and do so with humour and grace, make him my ongoing choice as my Realtor! Anne Harrison


21. As I sit and think about the transaction from start to finish FAMILY is the word that comes to mind. Bob was a customer of mine and I was always impressed with how considerate he was of his clients. My father passed away last year and Bob would check in on me periodically to see how I was doing. I was having to sell my dad's place (in Nelson, BC) and Bob offered to take a look at the papers as I had no experience with those things. And as time passed I mentioned that my husband and I were thinking about looking for a home - Bob knew I still had family issues with my father's estate and advised me to wait but that he would be honored to help when the time came.



The day came and when we went to meet at his office (at his home) he listened to our needs and we worked as a team. I was very nervous the first time we went out because it was quite the role reversal - I was now his customer. The biggest thing that I was drawn to was that he worked with us at our speed - he wasn't pushy. I became aware that looking for a home is a very personal thing and you have to feel comfortable and trust your Realtor. I would watch Bob as he gave us the pluses and minuses of each listing and he was not overly positive or negative at each home, just dealt with the facts. Bob watched for our reaction to different aspects of homes and took pleasure in the things that made us happy. Bob is very perceptive and sincere and works with his heart.



As I write this I think of how he is willing to come with us on the day of turnover and take part in the moment not just as a friend or Realtor but to experience the looks and emotion as we turn the key for the very first time to our first home. I would truly recommend Bob Starr because he works with you; not just for you and he is one of the most genuine people I have ever met! Lisa and Rob Sansom



22. If you are looking for the services of a professional, courteous and knowledgeable Realtor, then Bob Starr is your man. He truly lived up to his surname through his dealings with us. Relocating from the UK, Bob could not have done more, been more patient, devoted more time or advised us any better. Purchasing a house from the UK was a daunting task, it could not have gone more smoothly. It was Bob who drove me around for three consecutive days (32 properties), from 08:30-5:00, looking for a house to buy. It was Bob who referred us to a mortgage broker. It was Bob who organized the house inspection. It was Bob who organized the lawyer. It was Bob who organized rental accommodation for us. It was Bob who lent us some of his own furniture so that we could move in before our own furniture arrived, it was held up in transit for 2 months.



We cannot say enough good things about Bob Starr, so he comes with our recommendation as someone that goes every inch to assist his clients in achieving their selected home purchase/sale. If you wish for further information about Bob, please call me. Mike & Beverley Howard



23. It has been many years since we actually spoke to one another but I have received your Newsletter regularly. I just wanted to thank you for keeping us on your mailing list. These days it is such a pleasure to receive writings that are filled with such positive thoughts and words to keep us mindful of the meaningful things in life. Having done a few publications myself, I can appreciate how much time and effort goes into producing your Newsletter and Jan & I just wanted to say thank you for all your efffort. Wendell & Jan Coady



24. Our situation was one where we had seen our dream home and needed to sell our existing house without delay in order to reach our goal. Bob’s calm and extremely thorough approach immediately convinced us that we had made the right choice. The background research he did into market trends and current values in Victoria and specifically in our area was very well organized and left us very comfortable with the price we were asking.



It took two and a half weeks to sell our house and during that period Bob was in constant contact with us, giving us updates and looking at all options to ensure our property was as attractive to buyers as I believe it could have been. I can honestly say, that Bob Starr took a lot of stress and strain away from us during that selling period and that without his help it would have been one of the longest two and a half weeks of our lives!



If asked the question, would we engage Bob Starr in the future if we were selling again, the answer would be absolutely and without reservation! Unfortunately for Bob, we shouldn’t need his services for many years to come as the dream home he made a reality for us won’t be on the market anytime soon!” Sue & Wayne Beckham



25. Bob sold our house in Dean Park for top dollar, when we were transferred to Calgary. He was recommended to us by good friends and neighbours, their advice proved sound. His low-key approach (not pushy), extensive real estate experience, and quiet professionalism was a perfect fit for us. We have no reservations in referring Bob to our friends and family. In fact, we will return to the Island someday and he will be the first one to know. We know he will find us the perfect retirement home. Dave and Nancy Hatton



26. Bob helped me find my 2 bedroom condo. I want everyone to know what a complete pleasure it was working with him. I am very grateful for everything he has done for me. From beginning to end, his expertise, kindness and support has been overwhelming. He made the whole experience fun and exciting. Brandi Iio.



27. Bob, I wanted to tell you how very much I appreciated the time you spent with me looking for a suitable condo for Mom. I will be willing to recommend you to anyone I hear looking for a Realtor as I was most impressed by your sincerity and efficiency. Charmaine Campbell-Tucker



28. Bob, we wanted to thank you again, for the dinner for two. We hope you know that there is no one else we would ever recommend. Your extremely high standards of professionalism and ethics earn you the referrals you get from us. You’ve always been that way, since I’ve known you, almost 30 years now. Thanks again. Rob & Barb Harris


29. Bob Starr is a good hearted man who cares about his clients. As I entered the Victoria marketplace with no knowledge of the areas, opportunities, or problems, Bob's many years working real estate in Victoria proved helpful. He loves going to work and therefore had no intention of slowing down. When we started looking at places that could use renovations Bob even offered the use of his tools. I would recommend Bob Starr to anyone. Chris Brown

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